Metal Media

We have been working on bespoke public projects since the mid 90s. From intuitive designs to developing long lasting functional work every process is rooted in experience and craftsmanship.

By utilising our wide range of practices including forge work, casting iron, bronze and aluminum, cad design and material lead construction. We are able to deliver  beautiful and unique metal works.

If you like the look of what we do please get in touch.

A project to bring a neglected space alive, the tree breaks out from the top of a spiral staircase in a flourish of colour and exuberance.
The Brew House approached us to make some iconic gates & railings for their building. We gladly excepted and got the forge up and running.
St Werburghs City Farm commissioned us to jazz up their gates for the Boiling Wells entrance.
Gates for Beehive yard
Working with Acoustic Arts to produce this robust musical playground for use by young people with special needs.
Rosemary sign for Rosemary Nursery.
Developed specially for the Horniman Museum in London, this Musical Sculpture Garden has proved a hit with the thousands of children visiting every year.
Refinery Railings
Metal sculpture of sproutings